Biometric System

An easy to track system using biometric sensors and controllers to identify the physiological appearance including face recognition, hand geometry, Iris recognition, fingerprint etc.,


A biometric system is a type of identifying technology used for the purpose of authentication. The system can be used for the purpose of identifying people, entry, authentication into secure areas, and verification of identities. A biometric system may be a handprint, facial recognition, iris/retina scans, thumbprint recognition, voice recognition or any other such technology that uses a person’s unique physical characteristics. Biometric systems are often referred to as “biometric identification” or “biometric technologies”.

Overview – uses and importance

Biometric systems are used in different sectors like banking, telecom, retail, transportation, etc. Biometric systems have multiple uses like identification, authentication, transaction management and data exchange. Biometric systems are basically based on the use of fingerprints, iris and facial recognition. Biometric systems can be used to protect the identity of a person or organisation and to ensure the security of the transaction. The biometric modalities, i.e., fingerprints, retina and face recognition have been used to authenticate the subject for personal attendance and even in event management system where a photograph is not required because of different reasons like in case of public meetings or security issues related with verification on video conference. Biometrics has played an important role during data capture which then converts into valuable information from it’s applications all over the world such as access control , perimeter protection, mobile devices management and Internet of Things (IoT). Nowadays biometric identification has a great impact in different sectors such as banking sector where it is used to identify the customers remotely at various locations like ATMs, POS terminals etc. Banking systems have been deploying Biometrics for authentication purposes because they found that facial recognition scanning provides better security than the passwords or PIN numbers alone. Education sector also uses biometrics related future of education and the latest biometric technology in fingerprint sensor embedded devices. Healthcare also use facial recognition system which ensures security of personal information such as video conferencing, picture/video sharing on social media, email distribution etc. Identity cards are being used to prevent fraudulent identification with iris scanning or taking digital selfies using a mobile phone and then hassling people at checkpoints (random contactless verification). In several countries like Australia, Japan, US and Eshowe (South Africa), biometrics have been considered as a quick, secure and convenient method of identifying the person for various purposes. It is fit under new trends in authentication which needs greater importance to evolve further because it offers strong authentication option for people within their own system now which can be used worldwide easily i.e at airports or border control check points, public shelters, postal offices etc..

Many countries like Russia , Germany and South Korea are using biometric technology in CCTV (CCTV stands for Closed Circuit telivision), which are used to watch people in the street and monitors what they do, who they meet etc. Biometrics research is one of world’s most popular topic nowadays because it has been repeatedly demonstrated that face recognition system can be automated at least 100 times faster than a human being – this means less manpower as well!

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Biometric systems have evolved to provide security in many aspects of our lives. This is not only a good thing, but it has also helped improve the quality of life and made things easier for us. It has been a long time since we’ve seen something like this so it’s very important that we make sure to use these systems in the right way.