Site Visit

Once a first discussion is made through phone call a direct site visit by our engineer will help us address some of the concerns that may arise before your security system installation.

The counsel on best practices and recommendations which are in line with current legislation regarding industry safety can be provided to you as well, giving you confidence while making decisions.

It is ideal situation when we conduct a site survey phase prior to an actual order being placed for service orders such as alarm protection. and safety.

So the entire project will be based on site visit procedure and thus increase cost saving by avoiding unwanted additional expenses

Thinking why you require a direct site visit?

To make you to know where you want the camera(s) to be placed and how many cameras you’ll need. You may also want to consider what type of footage you would like captured, such as video feeds or still images. Checking out the different types of CCTV equipment: There are a variety of different surveillance systems available on the market these days, including analog, digital and IP cameras.

Cost of CCTV camera for home

The cost of CCTV camera for home equipment can vary significantly depending on the type of camera you choose and whether you need features like night vision or recording capabilities outside of normal daytime hours.Being a wholesale retailer in the field of CCTV, Mra-eservices provides the camera at very low cost.

To give basic idea to configure it and connect it to your network.

Site survey considerations:

Its a free consultation where we can discuss your specific security needs, provide a layout of the proposed site and help you choose the correct surveillance system for your business or home.

In case of a done deal, your security system will work on site right off the bat.

The cost saving is so significant that you can consider conducting all other arrangements such as installation and integration with other alarm systems at home

Please do not hesitate to contact us for more information and the highest quality security system installation that you are looking out for in your home or business premises.

We welcome service calls from customers (new installs, upgrades and maintenance) 24/7!