5 essential features to look for in the best cctv camera (and how to choose the right one)

5 essential features to look for in the best cctv camera (and how to choose the right one)

We are in the business of installation of CCTV cameras and security systems, however we do sell products. We get asked all the time by customers to recommend brands or products for their home and property security investments so today I am going to review five main features needed when buying a new CCTV system:

Essential features to look for in the best cctv camera:

1) Size – The first thing that is important when looking at your camera needs are how big you need them too be? Do you want small ones that are only small enough to mount on a wall so they can’t be moved, or do you need the big heavy ones that have plenty of power and movement. They have tons of color options in all sizes (some bigger than others)

2) Power – You will also want to look at how much power your CCTV camera will produce as that is needed for any videos/images it takes. The higher the picture quality = more power needed for the pictures.

3) Movement – When looking at the camera what does it offer? Do you need pan and tilt movement, is there any zoom capability for closer viewing? Are there different resolutions like 1080p or 1440×1440 (about same as full HD). What resolution do you want to review your videos in anyways.  Should crop from 720 ready up to 16:9 ratio so if a door comes down someone can see what is going on in different locations not just one single screen.

4) Viewable area – The LED’s are fickle so you will want to make sure your camera view or HD picture quality allows the camera too see a large unblocked field of vision while using those led’s (look at what they say horizontal FOV, vertical FOV and how many degrees wide angle it can capture). Certain cameras do fine being off center by 6 -20Ft with a wide angle lens.

5) Quality – That is probably the most important thing in your purchase; even camera brands have their own high quality products so do yours too!  The higher or lower light your space needs it’s good to find out which ones that have noise reduction, anti-flicker and different color range settings for cameras (night vision). It would be nice if you can pick them up about 7000 INR

We at MRA E-security have a vast knowledge in choosing camera for your protection, so before selecting one you can have a free consultation with us..

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